When God Closes the Door

Genesis 7:1-16

I was in court this week assisting a friend of mine who had to appear before the judge. While we were waiting our turn there was a man and woman who were there to make their divorce final. The lady took the witness stand after she assumed the responsibility of being under oath but her husband was still seated in the audience. As the ladies Attorney began to question her concerning her position on the divorce I saw a scene this week that I’ll never forget. She began answering her attorney and while she was facing the audience, the attorneys back was to her husband, the husband began waving his arms as if to call the whole thing off. But with stern face and tightened lip she continued to answer the questions and after a few minutes of deliberation the divorce was final. (I’ll come back to this story at the end of my message)

In Genesis Chapter Six, God saw the Wickedness of mankind and it Grieved God in His Heart. He said that he would destroy mankind off the face of the earth. But, there was one family and one person who found Grace in the eyes of the Lord. It was Noah and his family. Note a few things about this man called Noah;

[1]-Noah did as the Lord Commanded him to do. He got busy building an ark. And he knew what he was in for…smelly animals! (Sugar, Preston, Seth, George, Flower)

[2]-Noah had Faith in what God was going to do. Noah would never have started the project if he didn’t have faith in God. You know before we ever get started at this business of being a Christian we have to believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the living God, believe on the Lord God, confess with our mouth and we will be saved! Faith plus Grace=Salvation

[3]-He Preached for 120 years without a single convert.

Noah stayed at the job!

[4]-He and his family were the only ones saved.

We have noted several things about Noah….Now let’s notice the last six words of Verse 16 of our Text; it says this "AND THE LORD SHUT HIM IN".

Now, for our consideration this morning I want you to notice some important points about that door that God shut and how we can relate that door being shut for the final time when second coming of Christ takes place!

1. The Door Could Close at Any Moment: (Two Ways)

[a]-Death: Hebrews 9:27 Bro. Glenn Witt, 55 man---shepherd Team Auto Plaza…dropped dead, massive heart attack!

Gen. William Nelson, a Union general in the Civil War, was consumed with the battles in Kentucky when a brawl ended up in his being shot, mortally, in the chest. He had faced many battles, but the fatal blow came while he was relaxing with his men. He was caught fully unprepared. As men ran up the stairs to help him, the general had just one phrase, "Send for a clergyman; I wish to be saved." He never had time as an adolescent or young man. He never had time as a private or after he became a general. And his wound did not stop or slow down the war. Everything around him was left virtually unchanged--except for the general's priorities. With only minutes left before he entered eternity, the one thing he cared about was preparing for eternity. He wanted to be saved. Thirty minutes later he was dead….the door could close at any moment….death=secondly….

Christian Times, October 3, 1994, p. 26.

[b]-Rapture: Matthew 24:36 & 44

While on a South Pole expedition, British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton left a few men on Elephant Island, promising that he would return. Later, when he tried to go back, huge icebergs blocked the way. But suddenly, as if by a miracle, an avenue opened in the ice and Shackleton was able to get through. His men, ready and waiting, quickly scrambled aboard. No sooner had the ship cleared the island than the ice crashed together behind them. Contemplating their narrow escape, the explorer said to his men, "It was fortunate you were all packed and ready to go!" They replied, "We never gave up hope. Whenever the sea was clear of ice, we rolled up our sleeping bags and reminded each other, 'The boss may come today.'"

My friends, Jesus Christ, the Boss may return today…Are you ready to meet him?

1. The door could close at any moment…Death; Rapture

2. The Door is almost Closed Right Now: (Evil Today) Matthew 24:37 "But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be…NEWARK, N.J. – A 7-year-old boy's remains were found in a plastic storage bin Sunday, a day after his two brothers were found alive but starving in a locked room of the same house!

Faheem Williams had been dead for weeks. An autopsy was to be performed last Monday.

The child's twin brother, Raheem, and another brother, Tyrone, 4 years of age, were being treated for starvation and dehydration at University Hospital in Newark.

Yellow police tape blocked the sidewalk in front of the house on Monday. A police car and two officers kept reporters from approaching the door of the two-story row house with white aluminum siding and light green trim. A hallway light was on, but it was not known if anyone was inside. My friends….. do you think we are living in days that resemble the days when Noah was living? Absolutely! "as it was in the days of Noah, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be!"

1. The door could close at any moment…Death; Rapture

2. The Door is almost Closed Right Now: (Evil Today)

3. When the Door Closes, It will not Re-Open: Matthew 25:1-13 Read………………………………....

Fourthly however,

4. The Door is Open Right Now: (The Age of Grace) Revelation 3:20

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him and he with me."

I said I would come back to the story about the husband and wife getting a divorce. Finally the judge allowed the husband to speak. And with a tear in his voice he uttered these words to the judge…"I want another chance, I want to work things out, I still love my wife….The courtroom grew silent! And the judge made this statement. "Sir, you have been separated for 20 months now, have you not had enough time to reconcile with your wife already?" And with those words the young military man was speechless. My friends…………

1. The door could close at any moment…Death; Rapture

2. The Door is almost Closed Right Now: (Evil Today)

3. When the Door Closes, It will not Re-Open: Matthew 25:1-13

Fourthly however,

4. The Door is Open Right Now: (The Age of Grace)

Application: Have you come through the door? God awaits for you. The Door is open. Why not come through that door today.